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This is another exercise in object manipulation in a 3D environment.
The picture player is a Flash Professional application. It's constructed around the concept of a 4-sided box with each side being a picture. Each time a user clicks the frontmost image, the box rotates 90 degrees and a new picture is loaded into the side opposite the viewer (180 degrees rotation).
Images are located in a directory on the web server and are loaded on demand from the application.
When a cycle of all images is complete, the application begins with image #1 looping infinitely.
It's a pretty flexible application, any number of images can be used starting, of course, with 4 images (it's a box after all). An XML file contains the total number of images to show before starting over.
For practical purposes, images must be scaled to no more than 500 pixels per side, and file sizes should be 50K or less.
The neat thing is the application can be used without modification as long as the images are in the correct directory, and the XML file correctly identifies the number of images to be shown.