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This will require a little explanation.
It was my first exercise in becoming acquainted with Actionscript 3.0.
I am a Formula 1 racing fan, and my favorite driver is Lewis Hamilton.
I created the car using Swift 3D v5 and exported each major element as a separate swft. After importing the individual parts into Flash, I re-assembled them as separate movie clips so they would rotate as one object in Flash.
I wasn't too concerned with the scene, so there isn't much of interest in the setting but I did want to understand as much as I could about how Actionscript 3.0 worked so I added clouds that are self-generating each cloud is an instance of a cloud class. The number of clouds in the scene is determined each time the main movie is launched, as is the size of each cloud and the speed at which each travels across the stage. When a cloud passes out of view it is re-generated on the left side.
The paint pallette is a draggable object. Just click and drag.
When a person clicks the "paint" button, the cursor becomes an artist's paint brush. When the brush is dipped into a color on the pallette, the brush tip takes the selected color. When a person clicks on a part of the car, it takes on the selected color.
When a person clicks on the "left" and "right" buttons, the cursor becomes a race car (the normal cursor for this application) and the car shifts in the selected direction.
Colors can be reset by clicking on the "reset racer colors" button.
I enjoyed working on it and learned a lot about Actionscript in the process.

P.S. If you're using Firefox on a Mac the clouds may not move all the way across the stage. Don't know why, it seems to work fine in other browsers on my Mac and PC.