I have worked as an adjunct professor at Taft College, Taft, CA since September 2002. My focus is in computer art, though my involvement in the school's educational programs includes teaching in the areas of journalism and computer programming.
My professional background does not include journalism per se, but my involvement in Taft College's course offerings led to extensive study into the changes taking place in the journalism profession and ways the school could best prepare journalism students to take on the diverse responsibilities required of today's professionals. I played a key role in redesigning the journalism degree program and provide oversight of the campus online news resource, the campus life magazine and production of promotional media for campus activities.
I spent most of the past three and a half decades working as an independent contractor in Information Technology and Graphic Design. The decade of the '90s was spent in corporate life working for VHA, a national healthcare alliance headquartered in Irving, Texas. View my vita.
I am an Army veteran, having spent nearly 6 years in the service during the Vietnam conflict. I was trained as an infantryman, commissioned in Armor (tank warfare for the uninitiated), trained as a rotary-wing aviator and assigned to the 7th Squadron 1st Cavalry Regiment as a scout pilot, then flew Cobra gunships and finally served as a pilot for senior military officials in the First Aviation Brigade, Republic of South Vietnam. I completed my military service and flight duties in the Federal Republic of Germany, flying classified missions for the 22nd Aviation Detachment, Advanced Weapons Support Command.