Carter Custom Leather
Chase Carter is a custom western saddle maker based in Eastern Idaho. His specialty is crafting saddles for true cowboys and is a reflection of his lifelong experience as a cattle rancher.
The site includes custom video content which I produce and embed as iframe links to YouTube.
In addition to his work as a saddle maker and cattle rancher, Chase is an accomplished cow-horse trainer. Though he doesn't always have horses ready to sell, we have produced a number of demonstration videos highlighting his training accomplishments. Here is a link to one of his horse sale pages. Please note that this is not an active page, so his site navigation will not include this page.
Bakersfield College Archives Association
The Archives Association asked me to develop a website to display items representing their collection from over nearly a century of existence. The primary requirement was that their staff of students and volunteers should be able to maintain the website. In assessing the scope of the project in light of this directive, I decided to build a content management system that would streamline the organization's workflow of categorizing and cataloging donations, and have the result of that work appear as content available to the public.
Public Website - content representing donations to the BC Archives over its 100+ year history.
Content Management - includes recording donations and collection items (donations consist of one to many collection items), digitizing physical artifacts, uploading digital content to the Association's server and presenting content organized by the archives' schema.
Management Reports - facilitate staff workflow post content capture.
The system includes an Integrated Fundraising Data and Communications component.
The system consists of a SQLServer database, a collection of Classic ASP (vbScript) pages with content driven by the context of user requests, JavaScript and AJAX implemented via JavaScript, vbScript and SQL. Formatting is accomplished via CSS.
Blackhawks Association
The Blackhawks Association is an organization whose membership consists of veterans of the Vietnam conflict who were members of the Seventh Squadron, First Air Cavalry Regiment.
Structure of the website is based on a database which delivers content to site visitors' via server-side PHP scripts. Individual pages include additional content managed by javaScript.
Page formatting is handled using CSS.
Community involvement
I volunteer when I think I can contribute in a meaningful way.
One such contribution is design and maintenance of the Bakersfield's International Cinema Society website.
This site makes extensive use of embedded YouTube videos.
Another is Lillian Vallely School That’s not a typo, the founder’s last name was Vallely.
The school is dedicated to educating children from the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes living on the Ft. Hall Indian Reservation near Blackfoot, ID. In addition to designing and developing the public website, I am developing a complete administrative system which will provide a comprehensive set of resources for the school’s principal, administrator, educators, board members, donors (this is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization) and student families. I am donating my time in support of this worthy endeavor.